How to Look After Cigars

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If not properly cared for, Cigar quality can quickly deteriorate and leave you with a harsh stick of Tobacco that is just a shadow of what it used to be. To properly preserve Cigar’s they cannot be stored like any other Tobacco product, they must be stored in a carefully monitored environment such as a Cigar Humidor.  

Sealed cigars last up to a week in the humidor. You can open the packaging and put it in a zipper bag and seal it in a plastic container. Open cigar packs, which are stored in zipped pockets, last for a few days in the case of additional moisture. If you keep a few cigars, cut a clean sponge into small pieces. Saturate the sponge with distilled water before putting it away with the Cigars.

It is easier to revive a dry cigar than a damp one. It is ideal to store cigars in a humidor for a month after purchase. Cigars stored in this way can last for months or even years.

To add moisture to the cigar, place it in a humidor and increase the humidity. You will find that moisture adds flavor and allows for a better burn. This process can take up to six months.

One of the easiest ways to keep cigars fresh if you don’t have a humidor is to put a few cigars in a zipped freezer bag and a damp sponge or paper towel. The damp towel provides moisture, and an airtight seal encloses it. If you plan to store your cigars for a while, make sure the towel has not dried out. Turn the cigars around to make sure they get a chance to humidify.

For a longer term solution, a small cooler can be used instead of a humidor. This is helpful as in some areas these can be hard to find, for example it can be difficult to locate a Humidor in Australia. The size of the cooler depends on the number of cigars you own and want to store, so it is important not to overfill or underfill the cooler. If you only have one or two cigars to stock, look for sturdy storage containers such as plastic bags or glass jars that can act as improvised humidors. You can also add a small sponge to ensure that the glass stays moist while you store the cigars.

Left alone in a heated, air-conditioned room, cigars can dry out in less than an hour and die like delicate flowers. Cultivated in a humidor with an atmosphere resembling a tropical island, they can be kept for years. Dedicated lovers can have more than one humidor. Larger ones can stay at home, while smaller, portable ones can hold a stock of a day or two.
When looking for ways to store cigars, it is important to understand the purpose of the humidor and the ideal storage conditions for cigars that can be achieved with it. There are several viable alternatives to humidors that are both cost-effective and efficient, such as the aforementioned cooler.

Never store flavoured cigars in close proximity to non-flavoured cigars, as the air circulates through the aromas and the entire humidor permeates them. If you keep them side by side, make sure they are double-packed. The most sensitive part of your cigar is the thin packaging. Cracks in the packaging can affect cigar burning. When storing your cigar, make sure you use the handle carefully so as not to damage it.

You should try to keep your cigars in a room where it is damp, like in your basement. This takes away some of the moisture. It also ensures that your cigars get the right amount of moisture. The temperature control in the cellar helps keep your cigars moist, even if you don’t have a proper humidor. If all of the above tips and recommendations are followed, you should have a carefully cured and high quality Cigar ready to be smoked whenever required.