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While the following 7 pieces of gear might not be novel for you, these are products that have been tested extensively and relied upon week after week for all my backpacking and fishing trips, and I would recommend them to any other anglers that enjoy spending nights out in the wilderness, too. As a self-proclaimed gear junkie, I am constantly trying out new products to further fine-tune my gear and my efficiency, and have found several products that have made my fishing and camping days that much more enjoyable.

That is why we are going to break everything down for you and put you on a quick path to find the best backpacking fishing gear for you. It could be tough to find the best fishing equipment near me. If you are looking for more general fishing tackle and information on building your full-on fishing kit, take a look at the epic guide to backpacking fishing gear. To help you get excited and celebrate the beginning of one of the best times of the year, we have put together a list of products that will help you hike further, camp more comfortably, catch more fish, and simply make all your outdoor experiences better. To help you unleash your inner adventure and enjoy a cheerful summer, here are the top 10 places to shop for high-quality outdoor gear online.

You might already have started looking at buying a better camping chair or better tent to get ready for a camping trip. Whether this means simply buying a new tent, or needing to purchase lots of camping equipment, if you have got the basics down, that is all that matters. The buying itself can be a full-time job, since finding the best camping equipment in Australia can be like finding a needle in a haystack; there is simply too much choice. I can recommend the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking & Camping Tent, which I used before this, I used for years on my own. This tent has room enough for 3 people and all of their gear, which may be a good thing if you are not comfortable leaving equipment out overnight.

Trakker makes some of the best backpacking gear for fishing trips, and their large Snooze sleeping bag is truly one-of-a-kind. Essential fishing trip camping gear includes a tent, sleeping bag, a camp pad, plus a tent light for dark hours, a gas stove and cookware to cook and eat hot meals, and finally, a camp cooler box to store your fresh foods. Overnight fishing trips are tremendously enjoyable and truly relaxing when you bring with you the proper camping equipment. Spending time with family throughout a camping trip can be one of the most satisfying and unforgettable experiences, especially for younger campers.

There is not much that puts the kibosh on a fishing or camping trip quite like melting ice, soggy food, and hot beers. Having a way to keep your food and beverages cool for days is essential to multi-day camping and fishing trips, and a quality cooler is an easy solution. If you are anything like me, the first signs of warmer weather are the sign that things like camping, fishing, and the opening days of turkey and bear seasons are right around the corner. All of the most awesome gear and camping gadgets – the ones that will help you become one with nature, but also stay comfy in it, are right there. You can get the essential fishing rod, or get some rollerblades, which were top-rated items this past summer. You will need to travel long distances sometimes to catch fish, so having a rod that will travel well with you pays off.

Most of the methods used while backpacking, especially fishing offshore or along a river’s banks, will best suit medium to lightweight rods. Let us be clear about something: The vast majority of backpacking fishing will be done with rods that are shorter than seven (except for fly fishing equipment). Instead of having a reel that holds lots of lines, though, Tenkara for backpackers has a shorter fixed line length fixed at the end of the rod. These are fished in almost the same way that flies rods are, and similar fly-style lures can be used, although there is much to be learned about what exact types of fly fish each rod and length of rod should use. For our list of the best Tenkara rods for backpacking, I tried to include the easiest, lightest weight Tenkara rods I could find. Instead of a reel with lots of lines, however, a Tenkara rod for backpackers has a short fixed length of the line fixed to the end of the rod.