SpaceX completes last test before launching astronauts into space

final spacex test before astronauts

SpaceX completed the last major test of its team capsule before launching astronauts in the upcoming few months, mimicking an emergency escape soon after lift-off.

No one was aboard for the wild ride in the skies above Cape Canaveral, but two mannequins.

The aerospace company of entrepreneur Elon Musk, SpaceX, under contract with NASA, launched its Crew Dragon capsule in the Kennedy Space Centre.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Mr Musk consented that could occur in the next quarter or as early as April.

By all reports, the test was successful, noted Mr Bridenstine.

Delayed a day by bad weather, the launch from Kennedy Space Center brought together tens of thousands of SpaceX, NASA and Air Force workers on the land, at sea and in the skies above.

Tourists and locals alike packed the adjacent visitor areas and nearby beaches to observe the dramatic fiery spectacle of an out-of-control rocket.