Best paying jobs

We shouldn’t always think of money as the main motivator when it comes to choosing a career. Truth is, we all want to know how much we are earning before we take on a different job, however. There really isn’t much surprise when it comes to the highest-paying jobs in Australia. They are in industries such as finance, engineering, and medicine. Coming in second includes the executive management occupations, which do tend to feature quite high. Everyone has to start somewhere though. Graduate internships are a great stepping stone for students to achieve their dream roles. While it will take some time to get to the highest paying roles, hard work and dedication is the only way to get there,

Here is a list of the best paying jobs within Australia:


There are over 4,000 Australians who work in the surgical field. Most have an average taxable income in the bracket of $395,000.


Next in line is the anaesthetists. There are over 3,000 working in this field nationwide. The average wage for this type of profession is sitting at around $370,000.

Internal Medicine Specialists

Here we have nearly 10,000 employees that are working in this industry, who are earning around $300,000 each year.

Financial Dealers

We have around 5,000 Australians who are working as financial dealers with an annual wage of $261,000. 


Around 3,000 Australians are working as psychiatrists and are bringing home approximately $216,000 annually.

Other Medical Practitioner

Australia has over 28,000 medical practitioners working in the industry, earning around $205,000 each year.

Judicial and Legal Professionals

The legal industry is big in Australia, and workers in this filed are earning anywhere from the basic income of $200,000. For the top judges, you are looking at around $355,000 annually.

Mining Engineers

Around 8,000 Australians work in the mining engineer field. These workers are earning around $167,000 annually.

CEO and Managing Directors

You are looking at 174,000 people working in executive management levels who are earning an income annually of $157,000.

Engineering Managers

We have around 25,000 working in the engineering management field within Australia. The take-home salary annually is $147,000.

It is important to think about the idea that not every single good quality about a job is quantifiable. The profession you choose may be offering work-life balance so you can be with your family more, but that same offer may not be offered in these high paying jobs. Quite often, the higher paid jobs require more time on the job, and more hard work is involved.

In this article, only a few professions have been named in the list of high paying jobs in Australia. There are so many more that can be listed.

You need to remember that money is not always the most important factor to think about when job searching. Not all businesses will offer competitive salaries. If you find the pay is low, then consider asking for a different way of benefitting, such as flexible working conditions or more holidays. You need to also ensure that you are happy within the job you pick. Working a highly paid job is good for the money side of things. Still, it will eventually wear you out emotionally if you are working in a field that you don’t enjoy.

Whether the job you choose falls into the list of best-paying jobs within Australia or not, it is good to be aware of the salary and the role that you will be taking on. This idea also applies to internships to gain experience. Unpaid internships are still valuable as you will receive greater understanding and skill-building opportunities.